About Grounded

Grounded is a family business building a package of tools and services to take real measurements of actual on-farm nutrient losses, filling a critical gap in currently available technology

Samuel Dennis has a PhD in soil science, specialising in nutrient leaching losses, from Lincoln University (in conjunction with Teagasc, in Ireland), and also worked at AgResearch for a number of years. He has worked with a range of methods to measure nutrient leaching losses, as well as the leading models used to estimate nutrient loss in New Zealand. Samuel has also worked on contract to DairyNZ and Beef+LambNZ, modelling nutrient losses and consulting around Environment Canterbury hearing processes. He has a well-rounded understanding of how to measure and estimate nutrient loss, and has seen first hand the many serious regulatory problems that arise from the lack of sound on-farm data.

Samuel is passionate about scientific truth. Basing extremely important environmental decisions on unverifiable estimates of nutrient losses is dangerous for the environment, farmers, and the economy as a whole. The present approach is untenable.

You can't manage what you don't measure.

The ultimate purpose of Grounded is to put real real environmental data in the hands of farmers, industry and regulators, to allow more informed environmental decision making.

Recognising the critical need for an accurate, cost-effective way to measure on-farm leaching losses, Samuel resigned from AgResearch several years ago, in order to have the freedom to develop such a system. The GroundTruth System brings together the best features of the top research techniques, to be simultaneously more accurate, more affordable, and simpler to use, than any other in-field leaching measurement tool presently available.

Grounded can also conduct on-farm research trials, estimate nutrient losses from farms using models, and provide consultancy services to both industry and regulators.

Grounded is based in Canterbury, but can provide the GroundTruth System and other services anywhere in New Zealand, and elsewhere.

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