Other services offered by Grounded

On-farm Research

Dr Samuel Dennis is an experienced research scientist, and can run on-farm research projects into nutrient leaching losses, pasture production, or other factors.

  • Direct measurement of nutrient losses, and soil, plant and animal factors affecting loss.
  • OVERSEER modelling of nutrient loss, clearly related to the real farm situation. 
  • Understand, investigate & communicate implications for the entire farm system.

Speaking and consulting

Samuel can clearly explain nutrient leaching losses, and the reasons behind it, in laymans terms. This means he can speak to any audience about such issues. Samuel can:

  • Advise regulators on nutrient leaching policy
  • Advise affected parties on submissions regarding such policy
  • Provide training to industry staff, farmers, council staff, students, political groups, or the general public.

Samuel speaking at Lincoln University Dairy Farm. Image courtesy of NZ Dairy Exporter.

Samuel speaking at LUDF (image courtesy of NZ Dairy Exporter)

Pasture yield mapping

  • Find low production areas within paddocks, investigate reasons & how to fix
  • Map gross margin - find areas earning money vs costing money
  • Assess investments (e.g. does a new irrigator improve yield?)
  • Research: cost-effective pasture production measurement on large field plots

Image: Customised pasture meter for yield mapping

OVERSEER modelling for compliance

Grounded also conducts Overseer modelling for farm compliance purposes on occasion. Samuel can often provide such work in a short timeframe for property sales, when consultants who specialise in such work are too busy. Our primary focus is on taking real measurements, hence the development of GroundTruth. But if everybody else is booked up, or you're nearby and would prefer to work with someone local, give us a phone call and we can sort this out for you also. 

The Grounded website used to contain a substantial amount of information about nutrient loss modelling and Environment Canterbury rules for the Selwyn-Waihora zone. This has not been updated recently so its accuracy can no longer be guaranteed. However if you were looking for this information, click here to view an archive of the old website.